NJ Feedlot Horse Rescue
Available - Camelot

Updated 8/16/2012 as of 4 pm


These 35 Feed Lot  horses are located at Camelot Auction House, 43 Brickyard Road, Cranbury, NJ.  Proprietor is Frank:  (609) 448-5225.  CAMELOT ANSWERS THEIR PHONE BETWEEN 8 A.M - ABOUT 4:3O P.M. -- BUSINESS HOURS.  BEFORE OR AFTER THAT YOU WILL GET THE MACHINE.  To ensure you get your horse, if you leave a message, call again during business hours to confirm that they got the message, and wrote your ph. number,  down correctly so that you actually get the horse.



#227: Chestnut, aged gelding, 15hh, star, stripe, snip, LH sock. Sweet and friendly in the pen. Rode through WT, really broke and quiet. $225



#228: Haflinger mare, 4yr. Quiet and easy going. Led through quietly. $250



#229: Bay filly, 2yr. , scared but let you approach. Led through, when she got scared she froze, never did anything bad. $150


 #231: Chestnut, 12yr gelding. Quiet in the pen. Cute mover WTC, well broke, advanced beginner type. $500

#232: Liver chestnut, 12yr gelding (will double check gender), TWH. Nervous, but not mean in the pen, sweet. Rode through quietly, advanced beginner type. Gaited. $450


#236: Chestnut medicine hat paint, 9yr gelding, 14.3hh. Sweet and curious in the pen. Stocked up behind, needs groceries. Registered 2003 paint, Broke at the sale, went through quietly WT, nice mover. Needs experienced owner to bring him along. $375



#237: Chestnut, 5yr mare, 15hh. Sweet and quiet, loved to be scratched. Rode through sore up front, quiet and tried to understand what her rider wanted, seemed green. $325



#240: Bay, 7yr gelding, 16hh. Sweet and curious in the pen. Wanted attention, kept creeping closer for scratches. Rode through quietly, very cute mover. $425

#242: Bay, 5yr mare, standardbred branded. Sweet and quiet in the pen. Ride through WT, very quiet. $350



#243: Chestnut, aged gelding. Branded, gentle and sweet in the pen. Rode through quietly, easy going, WTC, beginner type. $650

#244: Chestnut paint, 10yr mare. Registered 2002 paint. Shy and timid in the pen but was still friendly. Rode through quiet WT, cute mover, advanced beginner type. $700


 #246: Chestnut, 4yr gelding, 15.2hh, saddlebred. Very curious and was an attention hog. Shod with high pads. Quiet and attentive in the ring. Intermediate type. $400


#247: Bay Pinto, 11yr gelding, 14hh. Branded J34, easy to handle, well mannered and curious. Said to be from a dude ranch, gaming horse and will work a cow. Intermediate type, lots of go. $500



#248: Black, 2yr mare. Nervous but warmed up quickly, gentle and sweet. Quiet but confused in the ring, rode WT. $300

#249: Chestnut, 6yr mare, sport pony. Scared in the pen, but sweet once she warmed up, wanted to follow me to the next horse after she got some scratches. 
Inspected and can be registered Oldenburg. Proven broodmare, Not broke, led thru at walk quietly. $250



#250: Black paint gelding, 6yr. Nervous but warmed up quickly. Easy going in the ring. $600

#251: Chestnut, aged mare, 14.2hh. Skinny, but sweet and gentle. Very broke, WTC, tried really hard to be a good girl even though she seemed confused. $425. 



Grey mare, aged, 16hh. Very quiet and easy to handle in the pen. Went through quietly, WT, cute mover. Beginner type. $300

Chestnut mare, aged. Quiet and easy going in the pen. Ran through a couple of weeks ago, been there done that type, WTC, jumps. Beginner type. $300


#255: Mule mare, 7yr. Confused and nervous in the pen. Work single/double. Rode through quietly WT. $300

#256: Dark brown mule gelding, 7yr. Sweet and friendly in the pen. Work single/double. Rode through quietly, WT. $300

#257: Bay, 2yr Stud, 15.2-15.3hh, very sweet and friendly, would move closer to me to get pet. Ran through 2 weeks ago, owner went into the hospital. Green, went through WT, very good, quiet boy. $300


#258: Chestnut pony mare, TWH cross, 14.2hh, 12yr. Went through last week, back because she had a lot of hock action. Sweet and well behaved. Said to trail ride, WTC, advanced beginner type. $500



#260: Bay pony mare, 9yr, 11hh. Quiet and friendly in the pen. Led through quietly, said to ride. $225

#262: Chestnut paint pony gelding, 9yr, 10.2hh. Nervous but let me handle him in the pen. Led through quietly, said to ride. $225


#265: Registered Bay Overo paint gelding, (DOB-March 12, 1983), 28yrs, 15.2hh. Sweet and quiet in the pen. Branded, RA, old rodeo horse, sound for a kid. Not for adult due to old shoulder injury from the rodeo. Went through the ring quietly, WT. $225

#266: Black mare, 18yrs, 15.3hh. Nervous but warmed up quickly, sweet and kind. Rode through quiet, WT, cute mover, beginner type. $350


#269: Chestnut mare, 9yr, 15.2hh. Sweet and quiet in the pen. Said to have done horse shows, tried hard but seemed confused. $250


#270: Black mare, 13yr, 15hh. Quiet and easy going in the pen. Rode through quiet, well broke, nice mover, had a good jog. Sore up front. $375

#271:Bay mare, 4yrs. Quiet and friendly in the pen. WTC, intermediate type. $275

#493: Haflinger mare, 3yr. Sweet and attention hog. Said to ride and drive, but led through. $350

#495: Liver chestnut mare, 15yr. Sweet and quiet in the pen. Led through, well behaved. $300

#497: Bay pony gelding, aged. Nervous but quiet about it. Said to ride and drive but led through. $175

#498: Silver dapple Stud, 4yr. Sweet and kind. Led through quietly. $225


#499: Bay, 15yr gelding, nervous and distant in the pen, would not let me catch him. Rode through WTC, sore up front, intermediate type. Said to be a Mexican horse. $325

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Slaughter is NOT humane euthanasia. "The captive bolt is not a proper instrument for the slaughter of equids, these animals regain consciousness 30 seconds after being struck, they are fully aware they are being vivisected." -Dr. Lester Friedlander, DVM & Former Chief USDA Inspector