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Transportation for your rescue 


Below are transporters who may be available to haul your horse from Camelot or Isolation Care.

Camelot Horse Weekly and its administrators do not guarantee or warrantee expressed, implied or statutory any services advertised or listed on this site or sites linked to this site. Inclusion on this site is in no way to be taken as an endorsement for any service or product listed.

Helpful Information:

  • Included in the fees to Camelot, your horse will have a Coggins and Health Certificate.
  • The horses should have their hip numbers on until they reach their final destination. The hip numbers are the only way to identify the horse on the health certificate if you are crossing state lines.
  • For horses that have been through isolation: please verify with your shipper that your horse will be on a “clean” trailer and not mixed with horses straight from the auction house.
  • If you need transport into Canada, please see our additional discussion topic “Transport to Canada” for more information.
  • The Camelot Auction House address is 43 Brickyard Road, Cranbury, NJ 08512

For transportation requirements by state and vet numbers regarding transportation, please see: http://www.usrider.org/EquestrianMotorPlan.html

For Quarantine & Health Laws laws for each state, please see: http://asci.uvm.edu/equine/law/health/health.htm

If you find that any of this info has changed, or is no longer valid please send an email to chw.questions@gmail.com. If you would like to be listed, please add a comment below with your contact info, including name, number, email, url (if applicable), routes, fees (if you have a schedule), type of vehicle, and QT status of horses you accept.


STRIDES Equine Rescue Inc and Transport

Hauls northeast of Camelot

24ft trailer/GMC 3500 deisel truck

Can hold 8 horses




24 Carrot Equine Transportation


908-362-6029 (office)

908-552-1563 (cell)

DOT compliant. Experienced hauler. Ford super duty 250, Sundowner 4 horse slant with side and rear ramps, and 2 horse extra high/wide trailer. Stallion exp/owner. Fees depend on how many/how far, very rescue friendly. Will haul to New England or South to VA/NC, or further with notice. References are on website. Quarantine available for 12.00/day. Thank you!


Greenwood Stables


Julie at (603) 231-1237

I can ship from NJ north, with stops in CT, RI, Mass and NH! Approximate cost is $120-220 per horse depending upon drop off locations!


Circle S Stable


48 state hauling with monthly trips to the west coast I can transport a total of eight horses per trip making it affordable for prospective adoption candidates.


Ponytales Rescue

Laurie Brinkworth- (631) 332-9863


We will transport within 150 miles of Camelot, have room for two horses. COGGINS and HEALTH CERT a must if crossing state lines. Proceeds go directly to Ponytales Rescue. Shipping available on weekends only.


Vidales Family Farm

“Hauler that Cares”


Aluminum Horse Trailer Coast to Coast Hauling Coggins/Health Paper Required. Water, hay provided for horses


Copper Horse Hauling

Ph: 516-628-1299

Cell: 516 732-0548

Bayville, New York

SAFE AND KIND SHIPPING IN OUR 4 HORSE HEAD TO HEAD TRAILER. The rig has rear and side ramps and tack room. Horses on long distance trips will have rest stops every 4 hours to relax, hay and water will be in front at all times. Stalls are large, well ventilated, and can be changed to box stalls.

recommended by Project Sage Horse Rescue


Ray Farley


(570) 240-1536

USDOTTransport available direct to your home or barn, or quarantine is available in North East Pennsylvania. Horses transported in 4 horse slant load trailer capable of fitting mini's to large drafts. Can transport anywhere they need to go. The more horses on board, the cheaper the haul. Trailer is steam pressure washed and disinfected after every load. Horses have hay and watered throughout trip with stops every two hours. All equipment kept in top mechanical shape. USDOT registered. Reliable and flexible with references available.


Joe Renner


Transport available from Camelot to MD, WV, VA, NC and Kentucky.


Brian Johnson






Super, super nice and great to work with. Very affordable rates. Give him a call, you will be very happy with your decision! Referred by Ruth Lewis


Hope Raymond



Rockin' K Ranch ~ Crystal Keenan

270-836-4200 cell



Jennifer Fowler



Flexible route to New England. QT available in Maine.


Call A-1 Trailering


If anyone needs red carpet service trailering, local or long distance, and NOT the red carpet price.


Marcy Segel



I am not a commerical hauler. Just a 2 horse XL straight load trailer and a Dodge Ram 3500. Different times of the year I can do different Routes. But mainly can get horses from NJ to MA or north or to northwest OH.


Robert Crowder


Or Jay at 540-420-9951

We will be transporting horses from Camelot every weekend going south to VA and further south. We will transport to other states also. Our truck is a dodge ram 2500 and trailer is a 16 foot stock trailer and can hold 6 big horses. It does have a center gate if needed.


Amber Riopelle


413-923-1099 (text/call)

‎3500 silverado chevy with a 24' stock trailer holds 9 average size horses 6 drafts and a bunch of ponies. Will ship from NJ to MA, VT, NH, CT, RI and parts of NY on Saturdays from the auction. Other states available depending on schedule. Fee depends on location. Horses coming directly out of Camelot or have no QT will be shipped together. Horses that have been QT'd for 30 days and are free of all sicknesses will be shipped after trailer is cleaned.


Kimberly Kanely- Bearsch



Located in Maryland. Ford F450 and 20' stock trailer 8' tall 8' wide. 2 box stalls or 6 slant.



Jamie Pumphrey Merriman


We are fully insured, we have a four horse trailer, 3/4 ton truck, and much much experience traveling with our and others horses for many years. We can transport any day of the week, QT and non QThorses. Please contact me for quote or rates. I've dedicated my life for a very long time to rescue and these horses and my hope is to be able to keep our family going over the holiday season by transporting the horses now. We would like to be able to charge the most affordable prices and help in the process of by hauling the horses. Call anytime, and we can go about anywhere. Thank you.




Years of experience training horses and will take EXCELLENT care of your "babies"! He'll "git 'er done"! He has a 4-horse slant rig w/ solid partitions between horses....great for sharing cost.


Janna Lynn


Small family owned horse transport company transporting out of Camelot frequently. Email for a quote. We run the entire east coast all the way to the Mississippi river.


Bob Casse


He's really wonderful. His truck and trailer are great. He's reasonable about price.Most importantly, he really cares for the horses. He goes the extra mile, big time. He'd hauled from the Unadilla Auction but had never been to Camelot. He was eager to help again with transporting these horses to safety.


Featheringill Family Hauling

Brian Featheringill


He was the best hauler I have ever used hands down! WOW! He called every 3 or 4 hours to let me know how my new yearling filly was doing, she went to PA OH KY and then to IL.

She was 100% percent calm and healthy as can be when she arrived. The trailer had TONS of bedding clean and neat, fresh h20 and nice good quality hay for her to munch on. This filly had no real handling as she was just pulled from her mom and sent to me. She trusted Brian 100%. He called me a few hours after she arrived home to see how she settled and then called me the next day to see how her first night went. He is top notch! I would recommend him for hauling any horses anywhere! If you need transport from Camelot or wherever Brian is your guy!

thanks again Brian!


Elf Creek Horse Transport

Denton, MD



New 4 horse slant trailer extra tall extra wide so we can haul the big guys. Has rear and side ramps. Can also make two box stalls. Stallion experience and experience w/ mares and foals as well.... Many years experience hauling. References available. Call us for a quote.


Pete Murphy

Wandering Cow Farm




We have a 5 horse head to head fully enclosed with nation wide trips weekly.


Dodie Sable


QT stalls always available in Kutztown, PA. I provide hauling in PA, NJ, DE, MD. I will haul horses from Camelot Sale Pens to my farm to be QT'd for the price of gas. I have 32 years experience with horses as a full care training/boarding facility. We do accept stallions.


Livengood Stable QT and Transportation



I will be providing transportation for horses from the following states FL,GA,TN,VA,WV,OH,SC.MD,PA and maybe a few more.I have 30 years in dealing with horses. I have 20+ myself...f from draft to minis.I have 2 new chevy 3500 duallys and a 2010 featherlite 20 foot stock 7.5 tall and 7.5 wide. great for draft.Also have 4 horse slant load. I can handle stallion, I have 2 of my own.I can handle mare in for of with foal. Each horse will be blanketed and boots if at all possible.I can handle problem horses.I am very gentle and patient.I have never left a horse. Thanks for your consideration. MY RATE WILL BE VERY COMPETITIVE!


Cheryl Lynn Harris


We offer Qt and transport, we are located in Chestertown, Md. Will haul down the eastern corridor. Only 2 horse trailer available at this time, call for quote.


M and N Horse Transportation

Natalie Killebrew




We cover the entire east coast and also make trips 4 times a month coast to coast. (3) Air Ride Trailers, up to 9 horses at a time.


Double L Transportation

Murfreesboro, TN

615 785 1079 www.DoubleLTransport.com

Transport all across the USA. Any horse is welcome. Any Gender. etc. We have a 6 horse sundowner trailer. Fees range from .45 cents to $1.50 a mile. depending on where we are going and if we have a run that way. We do give discounts for multi horses and rescues.


Stephanie Rapp-Brooks

Desert Valley Equestrian Center, inc


I use my Eby 4 horse head to head. I am based on the west coast but go to the east approx 1x per month. Depending on bookings I go all over the contnental US. Offer a multi-horse discount and special rates to rescues. Trailer is tall enough for drafts, and the stalls are roomy. I can also make the trailer into 3 box stalls. Offer plenty of rest stops to refil waters and hay nets. Experience with everything from the first time loader to the experienced. Horses and other livestock as well.


Rhea Vendt

(978) 998 1751

Servicing all of the east coast. 2008 F350 Diesel, Featherlite 4-horse slant sload. Warmblood size, padded and enclosed. Always disinfected.


Christine Wright

Wright Rescue


Located in Ridge, NY 11961 (Long Island) We do shipping mostly in NY NJ PA CT MA VT NH. HD 4 horse stock combo XW XH.


Tina McRobie

Super Saver Equine Haul


home 610-599-9019 or cell 610-730-8818

I provide affodable, humane and safe transport. I have a well cleaned and disinfected 3 horse slant load trailer. Included in the quote is hay, water, gas and tolls. I have years of knowledge in horse handling and first aid.

Please contact me for a quote. I have been doing Camelot transport for over a year.


Sandy McNulty

NJ Hoss Haulers


We do hauling on the weekends Private direct transport. Email us at njhosshauler@comcast.net.


Keith Brown, Horse Transport

Serving the Tri-State Area



Nancy Kupelian

cell 757-894-3535

home 757-336-3316.

I am located in Chincoteague, VA, two hours north of Norfolk, VA. I am not a professional hauler, just a private horse owner. I have a safe stock trailer and a 1/2 ton GMC 2006 pickup.... I transport my own horses, a big QH and Appy locally and many miles from my home. Since my trailer is a stock, my horses always wear fly masks for eye protection. I would be willing to transport a rescue south from Camelot, into the PA, DE, MD, VA area.